I live in the east coast (where there's NO in n out) so you're totally winning right now *crying emoji*

that is horrible </3

What's the quiz about? For which class?

calculus x/

I am not american so no i havent yet but as someone who had Arab food her whole life i think you can also understand. Our food is just so much better lol

tru but in n out is still reeeeally good

Is it REALLY that good? Like it's a burger after all lmao

it’s obvi you never had in n out

I honestly think the Afraid Video is one of the best music videos ever. The black and white, the cut and the camera angels are just all perfect and suit the song perfectly, it was actually the first thing I saw of them. What are your thoughts on it?

oh wow really? nice! i do think it’s one of their best music videos - it shows the guys with what they all wanted to be like bryan photography… etc. and jesse was the kid that had no idea what he wanted to be. tbh one of the best music videos ever. :)

i want good grades but i don’t want to study do you see my dilemma


Holy Shit I just realized my history teacher looks like Justin young

game of thrones is very good, but it's definitely something you shouldn't watch in front of your parents but some good shows are Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, The Lying Game, The 100, Under The Dome & The Tomorrow People.

yeah that’s what i thought haha idk but i like shows like reign and stuff so i feel like i’ll be into game of thrones and i don’t like pretty little liars i remember when it first got out and i watched the first season then when the second season came i got so annoyed because the whole show will just be about that A person so i got bored haha mmm but the others never heard of them, will give them a go thanx xx